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DNA TECHNOLOGY - Tercyc Multi-Block Amplifier
Tercyc Multi-Block Amplifier
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Each thermoblock can hold up to 10 test tubes with the volume of the reaction mix ranging from 10 to 50 ul; The device supports three methods of regulating the temperature of a reaction mix: Passive (based on the temperature of the unit); Two active methods (a mathematical model): Fast; Precise; The LCD display allows for programs to be entered and for thermocycling to be controlled and operated without the need for a regular PC; The device can work with any IBM compatible PC; Low variation of temperature within a thermoblock; Noiseless operation. The quality of the reaction is improved significantly due to more accurate conditions for primer annealing, ensuring high activity of the Taq DNA polymerase and reducing the accumulation of non-specific amplification products.

Number of independent thermoblocks


Number of 0.5 ml test tube per block


Working volume of the reaction mix, ul


Temperature range


Precision of temperature maintenance

+/- 0.3C

Dynamic error of regulation

+/- 0.3C

Maximum difference in temperature between thermoblocks


Time it takes to complete one cycle

(92C-1 s, 72C-1 s) of 15 ul, s 64

Number of programs

Up to 28

Consumed power at 220 volts, maximum,

W 95

Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg


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