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LABScan 100
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LABScan 100 is using Luminex xMAP technology, state of the art optics, electronics, and software the LABScan™ 100 is a sensitive flow analyzer capable of performing up to 100 assays simultaneously. When used with One Lambda’s LABScreen® or LABType® products, this system can assign percent PRA, determine HLA antibody and make HLA Class I and Class II allele assignments for tissue typing.

Software Features

Real-time data acquisition and display

Instrument calibration and control

Data Export to CSV or FCS 2.0

Minimum Requirements:

Software: xPONENT 3.1

OS: Windows® XP Professional SP3 or Windows 7 Professional

Processor: 1.86 GHz Intel Core 2 or greater

Memory: 2GB RAM

Hard drive: 80 GB

Screen resolution/colors: 1280 x 1024; 32 bits

Optical storage: DVD Drive

Operating Environment

Power: autosensing 100 -240 VAC, 47 - 63 Hz

Operating temperature: 15° - 30° C, 20% - 80% relative humidity non-condensing


Detect 1000 fluorochromes phycoerythrin (PE) per xMAP microsphere

Reporter channel dynamic range: 3.5 decades of detection


Reporter laser: 532 nm, nominal output 10-15 mW, maximum 500 mW, frequency doubled diode; mode of operation, continuous wave (CW).

Classification laser: 635 nm, 9.1 ± 6%,maximum output 25 mW, diode; mode of operation, continuous wave (CW)

Reporter detector: Photomultiplier tube,detection bandwidth of 565 – 585 nm

Classification detector and doublet discriminator: Avalanche photo diodes with temperature compensation


Sample volume is 20 - 200 µ via sample loop

Sheath flow rate: 90 µL ± 5  µL/second

Sample Injection rate: 1 µL/second

Cuvette: 200 microns square flow channel

External sheath/waste containers hold enough volume to run up to two 96-well plates between refills

Physical Dimensions


Dimensions (cm): 43W x 51D x 25H (approx.)

Dimensions (inches): 17W x 20D x 10H (approx.)

Weight: 25 kg (55 lbs.)

XY Platform:

Dimensions (cm): 44W x 61D x 8H (approx.)

Dimensions (inches): 17.25W x 24D x 3H (approx.)

Weight: 14.5 kg (32 lbs.)

Sheath Delivery:

Dimensions (cm): 20W x 30D x 24.75H (approx.)

Dimensions (inches): 8W x 11.75D x 9.75H (approx.)

Weight: 9 kg (20 lbs.)

Controller Hardware:

Personal computer with 17" monitor

Dimensions may vary

Real-time data acquisition and display

Multiplex up to 100 fluorescently dyed polystyrene microbeads

Integrated xMAP detection components lasers, optics, fluidics and high-speed digital signal processors

xPONENT® software designed for robust data regression analysis

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